VPH 2022 Workshops

Workshop: The role of exascale computing in Computational Biomedicine

Duration: 1.5 hrs

The session will be moderated by Prof Marco Viceconti and will give concrete cases where the use of HPC has made a big difference in in silico solution.

Models of physio-pathological phenomena demand an increasing computational power to run ever more insightful and complex simulations, aiming to a more detailed model of the whole human body.

In this session experts will present their solutions that exploit high-performance computing for biomedical simulations, and will engage in a discussion with the audience about the opportunities offered by the upcoming exascale computers to the in silico medicine community.

Talks schedule:

  • 00:00 – 00:15 Mariano Vazquez (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre).
    How exascale supercomputers can help with complex multiphysics models: virtual populations in cardiovascular therapies. 
  • 00:15 – 00:30 Nino La Mattina (University of Bologna)
    Exascale computing to run an In Silico Trials of fragility hip fractures equivalent to a phase III clinical trial.
  • 00:30 – 00:45 Gabor Zavodszky (University of Amsterdam)
    The role of exascale computing in advanced multiscale modelling: the HemoCell solution to predict haemolysis.
  • 00:45 – 01:00 Peter Coveney (University College London)
    Finding new cures from old drugs: ensemble Molecular Dynamics with exascale supercomputers enables high-throughput binding affinity for drug repurposing.
  • 01:00 – 01:30 Panel Discussion
    Speakers discuss with the audience opportunities and challenges of using exascale computing in Computational Biomedicine, and the services the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence can offer to the research community.

Call for workshops

We would like to invite everyone interested in organising a workshop during VPH 2022 to submit their proposals by 30 May 2022!
You can have a demonstration of your latest software and simulations programmes for the conference delegates. Workshops will be scheduled on the pre-conference day, 6th September 2022. The duration will be 1.5 – 2 hours. In order to apply for a workshop time slot, you should submit the topic, description, speaker and a link to the software. The deadline to submit the complete workshop proposal is 30 May 2022.

Please send your proposals by 30th May 2022 at info@codan-consulting.com

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