About Stuttgart

Stuttgart …

an innovative, dynamic economy paired with high recreational value

Fascinating and beautiful, cosmopolitan and charming, traditional and future-oriented: the diversity of the Stuttgart region makes it worth visiting more than once. Its economy and its culture are equally thriving – whereby the one is often interlinked with the other, as in the case of the world-famous automobile brands whose names and museums are synonymous with Stuttgart. 

There’s something to gratify all the senses here. Brilliant achievements and an outstanding inventive spirit are typical of the Stuttgart Region and are evident at every turn: castles and palaces bear witness to a great past – and bold, futuristic architecture to an equally great present. The fine arts have always been given ample room to flourish, and many visitors are astonished at the wealth of outstanding gems which the Stuttgart Region has to offer. International sporting events, merry festivals, colourful markets, world-class shopping facilities, traditional cuisine and a countryside defined by a long tradition of viniculture and the River Neckar offer a wide range of leisure activities in the Stuttgart Region.

Information on Stuttgart and the many options available can be found under www.stuttgart-tourist.com


Images courtesy of Regio Stuttgart Marketing- und Tourismus GmbH.

Foto Schlossplatz Panorama: Thomas Niedermüller

Foto Fernsehturm: Achim Mende