Main topics

VPH 2022 Main Topics

  • Machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence
  • Translation from in silico to clinical
  • Computational biology
  • Computation across the scales from molecules to populations

VPH 2022 Subtopics


Multiscale modelling
Agent based models
Mathematical biomedical models
Computational modelling in health and disease
In silico regulatory science
Imaging and visualization
In silico trials for medical product development
In silico research in drug design and delivery systems
In silico clinical trials
Computer architectures for in silico medicine
Cloud, edge, and quantum computing for in silico medicine
Big data and machine learning
Image-based in-vivo analysis
Clinical imaging


Infectious disease simulation
Medical device modelling
In silico toxicology
Cell and soft tissue engineering
Reproductive and pregnancy modelling
Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
Computational tools and simulation in biomechanics
In silico pathophysiology
Cancer early detection and therapy